Superior Franchise Management

With Complete CRM

Get superior franchise management software with Complete CRM

Opt for a better ROI with high quality software, that won’t break the bank!

As a franchisor:

  • Gauge franchisee success
  • Create and share templates
  • Standardize franchisee branding
  • Evaluate performance
  • Build QARs, NPs, and CS surveys

For your franchisees:

  • Manage employees
  • Communicate with customers
  • Marketing automation
  • Conduct surveys
  • Mobile marketing
  • Website analytics

Make sure Franchisees are adhering to brand guidelines!

Use Complete CRM’s superior software to effectively manage your franchise with ease. We make it easy to communicate directly with field auditors from within the platform, using our intuitive communication tools. Our automation capabilities allow you to automatically email reviews to the location’s owner and assign follow-up tasks for non-compliant items. You can even monitor for branding inconsistencies by using our Franchise Intranet to log in and review the accounts of all your franchisees.

Complete CRM offers more features than other leading franchise software brands, like FranConnect. We’re even willing to show you our platform up front, by offering you a free trial with no commitment.

Want more out of your Franchise Management Software?
See what Complete CRM can offer your business!

Feature Complete CRM FranConnect
Free Trial
All Features For One Price
Marketing Automation
Email Marketing
Dashboard Analytics
Opportunities Management
Lead Scoring
Franchise Intranet
Customer Journey Mapping
Online Store
Website Manager
Job Scheduling
Project and Task Management
Commission Management
Learning Management System
Customer Service Ticketing

What do you like most about this software?
"There's, literally, no one feature that I like most; what I do love is, it's an all-in-one CRM platform. The more I use it, the more I learn what it can do for my business. For the most part Complete CRM has become my total business management software. Also, the training and customer support is, by far, heads above the rest."

Reasons for Switching to Complete CRM:
"FranConnect was "clunky" and support was non-existent and 17 Hats, although a great system, was geared for a specific niche."

Comments (Benefits):
"To reiterate what I wrote above, "It's become my total business management software. The workflow and journey feature is allowing me to better automate communications with clients, prospective clients and referral partners."

- Brian Parton
Owner & Publisher, Coffee News of South Mississippi
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Brian Parton

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