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Public Asset Library

Highlight Your Content

Maximize Content Visibility with the Public Asset Library

Empower your audience to explore and engage with your content effortlessly through the Resource Center, a centralized hub on your website. Seamlessly share a variety of assets, including PDFs such as case studies, brochures, and ebooks, enhancing accessibility for leads and clients alike. Drive lead generation, showcase your expertise, and provide convenient access to valuable resources.

Key Features of the Asset Library:

Variety of Content Types:

Embed Your Resource Center on Webpages

Effortlessly present PDFs for viewing and downloading within your public Resource Center. Showcase a diverse range of content, including ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, and more, in a customizable tile format. Enhance user experience by enabling visitors to preview and download resources with a simple click.

Enhance Lead Generation with Gated Content

Utilize 'gating' to offer limited previews of content, enticing visitors to provide contact information for full access. This strategy incentivizes lead generation by granting access to premium content in exchange for valuable contact details, effectively bolstering your top-of-funnel efforts.

Automation Integration for Enhanced Efficiency

Maximize the functionality of the Resource Center by integrating automation capabilities. Trigger workflows based on user interactions with your content, such as viewing or downloading. Automate confirmation emails and categorize contacts into specific groups based on their engagement with your Resource Center offerings.

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