Create Your White Label CRM

Command Center Hub

Complete Insight Into Your Operations

Gain Insight with Complete CRM’s Command Center

Get a comprehensive overview of your business with Complete CRM’s Command Center, akin to a bird's eye view from the cockpit of a plane. Everything you need to know is displayed at your fingertips.

Visual Tracking Center

Navigate your business landscape with our map-based visual tracking center, offering real-time insights into activities such as website visits, signups, and more. Easily identify trends and patterns with an intuitive interface.

Detailed Activity Map

Explore various activities displayed on the map, including website traffic, conversions, store purchases, email engagements, CRM interactions, and more. Darker colors indicate recent activity, providing immediate visibility into your business operations.

Comprehensive Activity Tracking

Monitor a wide range of activities, from website interactions to ticketing forms, project updates, event RSVPs, and progress through customer journeys. Keep tabs on workflow activations and account actions, all from one centralized dashboard.

Interactive Insights

Hover over any bubble on the map to view detailed information. Click on bubbles linked to CRM contacts to access their profiles instantly. With Complete CRM’s Command Center, you're in control of your business no matter where you are in the world.

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