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Custom Objects

Your CRM, Your Rules

A game-changing feature

When it comes to utilizing the power of your CRM, having the freedom to shape your data storage according to your needs is key. Custom fields are a start (we provide limitless fields), but the true evolution lies with custom objects.

Personalized Object Data

Your data is important. It's the driving force that keeps your sales team ahead of leads and empowers your marketing efforts to target messaging exactly where/when it matters most. If your CRM lacks the adaptability to house and utilize this data, you'll end up spending time and resources to force it into alignment with your business processes.

Complete CRM’s foundation is rooted in the concept of "all-in-one." In contrast to numerous other CRM platforms that claim to be all-encompassing, we grant you the authority of custom objects as a means to govern your information in alignment with your preferences. Accept no substitutes – a CRM without custom objects simply doesn't measure up.

To provide a clearer demonstration of how custom objects operate, let's consider the field of real estate. Envision yourself as a real estate agent whose clients have purchased properties with your guidance. While this is just an illustration, understanding how custom objects function in this scenario will reveal their adaptability to your organization.

The Difference between Fields and Objects

Your data can be structured to establish connections between information, contacts, and companies. At times, this data holds a one-to-one correlation, such as "I assisted Julia in buying 3 homes." A custom field titled "Number of Homes" could securely hold the value 3 for Julia.

Yet, what if you aimed to retain more extensive details about each individual home? This historical data would aid in recollecting specifics from previous transactions and organizing information for better service to your clients down the line. To achieve this, custom objects are created to define the elements you wish to store. For each property, you might seek insights like square feet, bedroom count, lot dimensions, year of construction, or other data. Given Julia's potential ownership of multiple homes within your CRM, a distinct object would be designed for each property, seamlessly linked to Julia's contact record in your account.

This level of adaptability is important for the effective management of CRM data. With Complete CRM, designing and integrating custom objects is a user-friendly task, streamlining the manner in which you oversee your relationships along with the associated data.

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