Create Your White Label CRM

CRM with Electronic Document Signing

Simplified Document Creation and Distribution

Easy Document Creation and Management

Our complete platform ensures secure document transmission and storage, effectively centralizing your data for increased organization and productivity.

Craft tailored proposals, contracts, and various documents directly within Complete CRM. Our document creator equips you with standard editing tools and unique merge functions, automatically personalizing content based on your contacts' information. Generate unlimited, customized templates and save them for future reference and editing. With our integrated documentation tools, closing deals becomes swift, and collaboration effortless.

Seamless Collection of Digital Signatures and Information

Send your personalized documents directly from Complete CRM to your contacts, all neatly stored within their respective records. Set up automatic reminders and trigger workflows upon document signatures, facilitating efficient processes. Safely gather electronic initials and signatures with ease, ensuring swift transmission, reception, and review.

Legal Compliance and Unparalleled Security

Documents shared and signed through GreenRope adhere to the legal standards set by the United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act, and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). To meet these requirements, all parties involved express their intent to sign electronically and grant consent for the use of electronic documentation. Moreover, a secure and maintainable record must accompany the document, detailing signature creation, generation, and execution. Complete CRM not only meets but surpasses these mandates, going the extra mile by offering IP address tracking to guarantee both security and legitimacy.

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