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Sales-ready Leads

Know when your leads are sales-ready

Eliminate complex lead qualification by using Complete CRM’s efficient scoring tools. There’s no guesswork as scores are automatically assigned to contacts upon their engagement with your brand. Whether they engage by downloading content, exploring your site,filling out a form, participating in an email campaign, meeting with sales, or attending an event, each contact's score is determined by a blend of their behavioral and demographic data. The score's elevation shows a lead's increased sales readiness and a higher likelihood of conversion. For instance, a lead visiting your product page, adding an item to their cart, and participating in a webinar indicates funnel progression and they’re ready to close.

Don’t waste time, prioritize your leads with scoring

Maximize efficiency with lead scoring, pinpointing your most sales-ready and qualified leads. Evaluate leads based on demographic data such as title, industry, location, revenue, and more. Additionally, scoring considers their touchpoints like email clicks, phone calls, product inquiries, and other interactions. This comprehensive data provides a vivid snapshot of your leads and customers, guiding you on their journey through your sales funnel. Identifying hot leads allows you to allocate more time to them, resulting in better conversion rates.

Lead scoring automation and cold leads

Complete CRM’s powerful integration empowers you to automate actions based on lead scores. Trigger email campaigns, CRM tasks, and more when a contact reaches a specified score limit. Negative lead scoring comes into play when a lead disengages or takes unfavorable actions, enabling point deductions. Effectively identify and re-engage with cold leads through automation or alerts. The seamless integration of Complete CRM’s intelligent automation tools allows you to measure the impact of contact data combined with activity data. Leave the hard part to us, we consolidate this information in an impactful way, improving both your top and bottom line!

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