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Project Management for CRM

Streamline Productivity Through Integrated Project Management

Streamline Productivity with Integrated Project Managements

Experience seamless project management with Complete CRM's integrated features, designed to optimize team collaboration and track progress effortlessly. Efficiently manage team projects, client-related tasks, billable hours, and more, all within your CRM platform. Customize the project manager to suit your unique business needs for enhanced efficiency.

Visualize Progress with Kanban Board

Utilize Complete CRM's drag-and-drop Kanban board to track project progress effectively. Visualize tasks, collaborate with team members, and monitor project status with ease. Customize columns to reflect task progress, filter tasks by project, and streamline communication with in-task comments and budgeted hour tracking.

Promote Teamwork and Transparency

Facilitate cross-functional teamwork and transparency with detailed project updates and task assignments. Assign tasks to team members and clients, set deadlines and milestones, and ensure accountability across the board. Keep everyone informed and aligned with centralized deadline management and real-time task updates.

Efficient Task Assignment and Tracking

Simplify task management with easy task creation, assignment, and tracking functionalities. Collaborate seamlessly with team members and clients, consolidate communication within tasks, and streamline project organization. Define deadlines, set budgeted hours, and receive email reminders and notifications for enhanced task management.

Stay on Schedule and Accountable

Never miss a deadline with centralized deadline management and task assignment. Keep track of all project deadlines in one place, ensuring team accountability and productivity. Utilize predefined project templates to maintain consistency and streamline project updates effortlessly.

Effortlessly Manage Project Hours

Gain insights into team productivity with comprehensive project hour management. Monitor team members' time allocation, identify areas for improvement, and track billable hours accurately. Simplify payroll management and project invoicing with detailed hour tracking functionalities.

Accurate Project Tracking with Timer

Track project time accurately with Complete CRM's project timer feature. Record time spent on tasks, add relevant notes, and submit updates seamlessly. Enhance organization and productivity with real-time project tracking capabilities, ensuring efficient project management.

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