Create Your White Label CRM

Custom Defined Data

Empower Your Team with Customized Data Access

Customize your CRM and make it your own

We understand that every business is unique, with distinct data needs. Complete CRM eliminates the one-size-fits-all approach by offering unlimited custom user-defined data fields. Capture and manage all the vital information you desire about your leads and customers, whether it's tracking specific shoe sizes for your clothing store or monitoring purchase frequency for your subscription service. This data fuels insightful reports and empowers you to tailor your sales process for maximum impact.

Fill Your CRM with Important Data:

Track anything you need - Go beyond standard fields and capture the details that matter most to your business. Clothes retailer? Track shoe sizes alongside purchase history. Subscription service? Monitor frequency and identify repeat customers. The possibilities are endless!

Unlock insightful reports - Customize your data collection, and watch valuable reports unfold. Gain a 360 degree view of your audience, understand lead journeys, and make data-driven decisions that skyrocket your success.

Personalize your sales process - Say goodbye to generic approaches. Leverage your custom data to personalize your sales strategy for each lead. Target outreach, craft compelling messages, and watch your conversion rates soar.

Close More Deals with Custom Fields

These fields aren't just data points; they're action catalysts. Use them to:

Trigger automation - Streamline workflows by setting up automatic actions based on specific data inputs. Save time and energy while ensuring the right things happen at the right moments.

Generate targeted reports - Gain deeper insights with reports filtered by your custom fields. Analyze trends, identify high-performing segments, and make informed decisions based on reliable data.

Gain a 360 degree view - Move beyond generic lead profiles. Custom fields paint a complete picture of each lead's journey, from initial contact to conversion and beyond.

Filter and personalize with advanced contact segmentation:

Go beyond basic demographic filters. Leverage your custom fields to segment your contacts with laser precision, targeting campaigns based on:

Specific interests - Send personalized messages that resonate with individual preferences, interests, and purchase history.

Location - Tailor your outreach to geographically relevant audiences, ensuring campaigns hit the right mark.

Any relevant data point - The possibilities are limitless! Utilize any custom field data to segment your contacts and deliver hyper-personalized experiences.

Your data when you need it

Complete CRM becomes the complete repository of your client data, a powerful hub that grows with your business. As your custom fields evolve, they weave themselves deeper into your account, powering automation, segmentation, and data-driven decision-making at every turn.

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