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Integration for Any Website

Whether your site is built within our platform or hosted externally, integrating with our Complete CRM is a breeze. Simply embed our tracking code on your website or utilize our WordPress plugin, compatible with any website platform, to begin harnessing comprehensive website traffic data within your CRM.

The Power of Integrated Web Analytics and CRM

Merge web analytics with your CRM functionality to track individual contacts' online journeys in real-time. Gain visibility into their page visits, form submissions, link clicks, and more—all neatly recorded within their contact profiles. Leverage this data to automate follow-ups, alert your sales teams, and craft personalized marketing campaigns for heightened engagement and conversion rates.

Elevated Website Tracking Capabilities

Experience robust website tracking features that go beyond mere visitor monitoring. Dive into detailed analytics on visitor behavior, top referrers, popular pages, conversions, and geographic locations.

Key Features Include:

GDPR Compliance Made Simple

Ensure compliance with GDPR regulations effortlessly using our suite of compliance tools. Implement our customizable cookie acceptance widget on your site with ease, though note that its placement may not guarantee full legal compliance. Review and update your privacy policy accordingly to communicate transparently with your website visitors regarding data collection and usage practices.

Create Stunning Websites and Landing Pages

Leverage our intuitive website and landing page builder to craft professional, fully integrated web experiences. Plus, with our A/B testing tool, optimize content and campaigns effectively to drive superior results.

Experience the seamless fusion of web analytics and CRM with Complete CRM's website integration features—empowering you to drive personalized, high-converting outreach effortlessly.

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