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Elevate your sales game with opportunities

Maximize your sales efforts with the comprehensive suite of sales tools offered by Complete CRM. Effortlessly manage your sales leads, monitor deal progress, and generate insightful reports. Our advanced Opportunities feature not only enables you to monitor high-value deals but also ensures an easy yet exceptional customer journey.

By equipping yourself with the right tools, you can center your attention on your customers and increase revenue-generating prospects.

Trace valuable opportunities

Craft custom phases and funnels for all services or products. Leverage advanced customizations to create personalized experiences for leads and clients. Accurately monitor deal progression and its various stages. Editable checklists for each phase guarantee a uniform sales process and an efficient customer experience.

Infinite customization options for your prospects

Experience unparalleled flexibility with GreenRope's adaptable system. Our Opportunities feature offers boundless possibilities for constructing customized sales processes, ultimately boosting your deal tracking and closure efforts.

Set delays: Initiate workflows when contacts remain in a particular phase for a set period.

Product Integration: Define products with unique descriptions and align them with specific opportunity routes.

Achievement Goals: Assign quotas to your sales team, propelling them towards their objectives.

Custom Fields: Establish unlimited custom fields to gather vital insights about leads and deals.

Sales workflows with automation

Automation can be found most places throughout the system, allowing you to trigger workflows or journeys upon specific Opportunity milestones. Just as your business is unique, each workflow can be extensively tailored to handle manual tasks and streamline your sales progression.

User-friendly Kanban board

Rely on the Kanban board for day-to-day visual tracking of deals and their progress. Access Opportunity reports, apply filters, search for specific deals, shift opportunities between phases, and click on each opportunity for comprehensive insights and updates.

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